You won’t believe it’s static! Pavel’s VIP Lexus LS400 from Estonia

You won’t believe it’s static! Pavel’s VIP Lexus LS400 from Estonia

Even though we all have differing views as to what makes up for “exceptional,” the eventual goal of this passion of ours is to outdo the blank canvas that is a stock ride. Some owners will take the path of delicacy that leans towards the original design and aesthetics while others will stride wildly offbeat to build something out of this world.  Somewhere in the middle of that spectrum, you’ll find the VIP style as it gracefully balances between extravagance and sanity. Pavel’s extreme nature of styling began in 2010, when he bought his Lexus LS400 (an equivalent of Toyota Celsior) – one of the VIP platforms in demand that has now gone through many stages of build and after series of improvements finally feels as a sealed deal. Hovering just centimeters off the ground with a fitment that ventures well outside the box, the LS400 has been plucking laurels at car shows across Europe and Russia. This state of being has been attributed to the negative camber of -17 degrees all around, raised internals, including engine, transmission, differential and fuel tanks, as well as the customized suspension components, exhaust system and new floor for less scrappy-scrappy feelings while driving. Even after much of anticipation, there is not a scent of air suspension whatsoever – the LS400 is static all the way… A set of BC Racing coilovers proceed to address the wheel gap that factory has left them, while OZ Futura 18×10 and 18×10,5 ET11 wheels have found their way under the arches to fine tune the fitment. With the encouraging temper at his side and a playful mindset, it feels like this isn’t the last time Pavel will leave us in awe with his LS… Do enjoy the photos from the personal archives of the owner and make sure to watch the aftermovie of Pavel’s trip to Royal Auto Show 2016 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Oh, and don’t forget to follow Pavel’s endeavors with his Lexus on Instagram @pavel.fjr












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