VAG Meet Aarhus #2 coverage

VAG Meet Aarhus #2 coverage

Oh, boy! KingLife has yet another treat for you! We always love to share some VAG Meet’s photos with you, guys! Not only because we have the upmost respect for everyone involved in these awesome events, but also because it shows the huge variety of Volkswagen Group’s automotive world. From beautiful classics and ground-scraping stancers, to rusty hooligans and motoring beasts, we got it all covered! The VAG Meet Aarhus #2 was all about enjoying the sunny weather and having a fun time with great people. Feel free to enjoy the pictures and a video down below!




Judging from the photos, this time the event brought out even more people than it did in the first meet up, which meant only one thing – more sweet rides to lay our eyes upon! It’s needless to say that the quality of cars was just mint! Probably the most encouraging thing that KingLife noticed during the meeting was the diversity from both new and old generations of VAG Group representatives. The fact that we could find a good old Volkswagen Golf Mk1 as easily as a monstrous Audi R8, pretty much sums up the scale of the event. We were stoked about the opportunity to witness it all!






The truth is, the cars we drive say a lot about us! And those who share common interests and vision about their machines, had a chance to unite and rejoice about their masterpieces. KingLife not only met and exchanged good vibes with the cool guys of Blanz Society, but also had a chance to admire the beauty of those rides that sit on some eye-catching BBS rims.





Last, but not least, we simply have to give it up for the brave-hearted motorheads, who are always there to spice things up a little bit. It’s always great to see a dedication towards your beloved car. Fearless experimentation and thinking outside of the box is what makes all those nasty projects to stand out from the crowd! Even the girls want to take that extra look back at your ride. That’s when you know you’ve made something special!





Hope you enjoyed the VAG Meet Aarhus #2 as much as KingLife did. Make sure to check out the video down below. Like and spread the word. Until the next time!


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