Per’s Volkswagen Caddy Mk1
Per’s Volkswagen Caddy Mk1
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Per’s Volkswagen Caddy Mk1

Detail is crucial. That double sided twine of perfection and absurdity, so easily differentiated and identified by the least observant spectator, but appreciated by everyone. This particular belief can be strongly related to Per’s Volkswagen Caddy Mk1 from 1988 that he bought in October of 2012 and has cherished it as an ongoing project that he built from scratch.





It takes an exclusively dedicated breed to put the scrupulous efforts into building a car the most it can be. An inch-perfect attention to every bolt, every part and each featured minute being hard-worked is what’s necessary to complete the full picture of your dreams. Per was up for the task well before the journey began and has come a long way. The sky blue Caddy with its 1.8 GTI engine with double Weber Carburetor has been getting loads of influential upgrades, including stainless steel fuel tank and complete stainless steel exhaust system, as well as a set of coilovers in the front and a flipped rear axle with 2” lowering blocks and hardness adjustable dampers in the back.





There’s probably nothing more accurate than the hands of a craftsman, therefore, some parts of Per’s Mk1 have been hand sculpted. That includes all the alloy material in the bed, the rear bumper, as well as the revival of the tailgate, which has been adapted to fit the original placement. Additionally, the beautiful door panels were hand crafted with a help of Per’s good friend, who’s bread and butter is building boats, therefore, a different approach towards creating the trims resulted in something very unique and special. An inevitable decision that Per had to make at some point were the nuances for the looks of his machine. He has decided to go with an original GTI steering wheel and a tasteful set of 15” original 3 split BBS RS rims. The combo is simply divine!






It takes bravery and dedication not to throw old things away and simply buy newer ones. But that’s the key of it all, isn’t it? Applying late nights and long weekends to reach what you’re looking for is the essence of why you start in the first place. Per and his Mk1 is an excellent example of people growing together with their beloved cars, when they become a part of who you are, therefore, feel free to enjoy the gallery of archived pictures that tell the whole story about the great Caddy. KingLife would like to send greetings to Per wishing a great success with his ongoing sky blue adventure. Inspire and get inspired!

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