Mark’s BMW 3-series E91
Mark’s BMW 3-series E91
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Mark’s BMW 3-series E91

As BMW fanatics, we often find ourselves asking one specific question to fellow BMW owners: “Have you always been a BMW guy?” The answer has come in many forms: “My father used to own an E30 that he persistently worked on and spent long hours at the garage with,” or perhaps “I stumbled across an E46 as my first bimmer, and it’s been uphill ever since.”  Mark’s answer came with a similar tone, as he’s always been related with the blue and white logo and like all good stories, his too has an amusing chapter line, and luckily for us, it’s only getting better. We hereby present you the ultimate M3 killer – Mark’s BMW E91 335i.




With the fling of BMW’s latest F30 3-series chassis, the E91 is officially “old news.” What still seems like a brand new car for most of us, the successor to the E46 is overtaken by the latest styling that BMW has worked and refined even further. The beauty of it, however, is that over the lifespan of the E91, a vast world of aftermarket has been built for the chassis, covering all aspects from styling to performance, and everything in between. A variety of body kits provide an even more aggressive approach to the already exciting forms of the E91, however, the body of the Black Sapphire Metallic is left in a satisfying harmony. A choice of an M-Tech elements and an inkling of carbon fibre here and there has kept the natural lines of the dark bimmer clean and elegant.




Mark has put his car together the right way, and focused on performance first, where the options are far from limited. He’s got quite the bi-turbo build going, with every part he could get his hands on affixed to his N54, which now produces 400 HP and flies from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 5 seconds. It’s mad fast, no question, and the custom made straight pipe exhaust system with its godly noise and slimmed down interior serve as a fresh reminder of that when you get behind the steering wheel. It’s truly refreshing that Mark wasn’t afraid to mix the diverse worlds of the looks and performance together, and he has done a great job in doing so.




This time around, Mark had assembled an impressively looking Rohana RC7 wheels, staying true to their signature seven spoke design that embodies firmness and dignity. A newly painted bronze, shiny caps and the great fitment of coilovers are all it takes to elevate the exterior of the E91 from a solid daily to a true attention grabber. The wheels themselves measure at 19”, wrapped in 225/35 tires, stretched just enough to keep clearances in check. Fully polished spokes paired with brushed and cleared centres fit the consistent theme of the ride, emphasizing the build in the name of completeness.




Mark has certainly outdone himself with the current setup, and the car has taken another step forward, difficult to do considering how clean it already was prior. The E91 was built for the sole purpose of enjoying a powerful ride, without losing too much of its original appeal or character. The craft of merging certain elements from both stock and modified cars has always been a thing to strive for, to realize that you have finally reached a happy place right in the middle. The best part of the whole package is that his pride and joy is appreciated on a daily basis, whether it be running downtown for some business, the grocery store or to a local meet with other bimmer guys. The efforts are rewarded every time Mark leaves the house, being able to enjoy the machine he chose to work with and improve upon. We are excited to see where he goes from here and wish a great success in the future. Inspire and get inspired!

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