Ken’s Audi A5
Ken’s Audi A5
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Ken’s Audi A5

There’s one particular cliché that tends to be presumed in the ever expanding sphere of automotive: for a car to grab people’s attention, and better yet, hold it, it must be built to the highest degree. Without a single doubt, creating something in such a manner is a certain way to leave an impressive image, even more, there are times when it is the clarity itself that appears most complex. There are never enough words to be said about a car that defines the word “incredible”. Ken’s Audi A5 Coupe is one that leaves nothing to be desired. A major swaying on air ride suspension, wheels turned on to the beast mode, and subtle tidbits all over the place… Well, there’s a method to Ken’s madness… He wants to push the notion that there is a grace in ferociousness.







Built on the next-generation A4 platform and first introduced in 2007, the A5 drapes lengthy and wide, with a more balletically applied roofline, than its predecessor. Moreover, it feels as flawless and refined as it has ever been thanks to a series of engine and equipment upgrades. In Ken’s case, his Coupe first rolled out of the factory back in 2008 and it was generously armed with 3.0 litre TDI engine and an all-wheel drive, better known as Quattro. So far it’s been an exquisite odyssey for the “Show Off”, loads of enhancements have been applied over the years, as the engine has been remapped from 240 bhp/500 Nm to 300 bhp/600 Nm and major suspension modifications have found their way into the persuasive chassis of the four rings.







The exceptional part of every build is the soul that goes in to a finished product. We push ourselves to ensure a visible signature about our desires, to make it undeniable that we put in the time and effort building our cars… Ken knows that and you can really tell it from the flowing lines of the Audi’s body. Complete facelift has been triggered from inside out, meaning an entire transformation from 2008 A5 to 2013 S5 bumpers, side skirts, exhaust, lighting and interior, where the leather has a full control over the seats and trimming. The ”Show Off” originated in a black colour, but ultimately has been wrapped in Porsche Fashion Grey cape and works perfectly together with the high-gloss shadowline trims and moldings that create a regal yet aggressive expression of the A5.







Resting beneath the arches is everyone’s cherished aspect of the car. Ken has hit the bull’s-eye with the choice of JUDD Elegance T311 wheels that measure at 10.5 x 20” and are wrapped in 245/30 Falken FK510 tires. The staggering set has been painted high-gloss black to fit the shadowline theme, additionally the bolts have been painted in Lamborghini yellow and custom ”Show Off” centre caps boom right in the middle of it all. Hiding behind the mesh is a D2 Racing Big Brake Kit that’s coated in the same yellow Lambo motif. Ken has gone with the versatile choice of the HP DRIVETECH Air Suspension System coupled with ACCUAIR e-Level management kit and VIAIR 444C compressor that allows the “Show Off” to make some hefty moves… A custom job done well by The Suspension Company.






Way past the simplicity and fulfillment, this piece of art represents a slight bit of everything that motoring world has to offer. And in the midst of it all, the message is clear and simple: a well-executed ride is not a clear cut, straightforward operation, or for a choice of better terms, black or white. It always falls somewhere in between the two worlds… So there you have it! The “Show Off” has shown off for good. Inspire and get inspired!

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