Jan’s AUDI R8
Jan’s AUDI R8
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Jan’s AUDI R8

It’s enjoyable to reminisce about the past, if you have good memories to fly through. And KingLife has one that stood out exceptionally. One that we would like to share with!

A while ago we had a chance to provide the coverage for VAG Meet Aarhus #2, which was an absolute joy to be a part of. There where loads of beautiful cars, but one of them emerged the most. It was an Audi R8. The very first impression of the R8 was that it’s an unbelievable combination of sense and sensation. The mean machine literally spoke for itself and at the same time it seemed as if it’s full of mystery. But it’s no secret that the R8 with its spicy character has been the pinnacle of Audi’s ever improving range, a four-wheel drive supercar that goes up against rivals such as Porsche 911 Turbo, McLaren 570S and Ferrari 488. The price for it varies between 990.000 – 1.230.000 Danish Krones, which means only one thing – it’s a privilege to own one of these beasts.

When you see one of them for yourself, it’s a moment to remember! The R8 left us with a sense of respect and by the time it was long gone, you could still hear the mighty roar of the engine. To see other interesting posts about breathtaking car projects, follow KingLife and let others know by sharing!


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