Henry’s Volkswagen Vento
Henry’s Volkswagen Vento

Henry’s Volkswagen Vento

KingLife has been built on the mindset that if a ride has an attractive looks to it then it’s something any car fanatic can appreciate and enjoy, no matter the make, model or year it was built in. As cars have evolved, so has the need for styling to separate one from its competition. And if you feel like you’ve seen everything that motoring world has to offer, well, you haven’t really. In a recent happening of this year’s Danes N’ Dubs event KingLife had a chance to meet with Henry who had made a long journey from Diera-Zehren in Germany to participate in this long-awaited car show. It was also the moment we first saw his 1994 Volkswagen Vento GLX, a.k.a. The Jungle Madness. The car has an accreditation in Germany and license plates valid from March until October, therefore, the use of it is always a special occasion.




The interpretations of a modified stancer are as wide as the stars are vast and the mix of variables is a never ending formula, only left for the car builder to determine. No doubt it takes a visionary mind to approach a well-utilized chassis, which is precisely why Henry has hit the bullseye with his efforts to build something out of this world. There’s so much going on with this stunning ride. From inside out the good old Vento with its 1.8 litre 75 HP gasoline heart is a splashy ideal of a rat styled canvas. It’s equipped with Ingo Noak Tuning stainless steel exhaust system in full length that awards with a sweet roar whenever needed. But remember this is a fusing of worlds we are dealing with; letting the wilderness to take over every inch of the car and building a character out of it.





Not to be outdone was the choice of almost completely abraded bodywork of the car to contrast with the rusty paint on different trim parts, as well as the woodwork that amazingly emphasizes the curves of the ride.  Even more so, the custom remnants of coffee bags lay positioned all over the front of the engine cover to serve as a hood bra.  The centrepiece would most certainly have to be the custom made 17” BBS E52 rims that have gone through a rebuilding process and now are gracefully embraced by Nankang NS2 165/35 R17 tyres. For the sake of flexibility Henry has installed a German air ride system GAS V1 with VIAIR 480C Compressor and 15 litre aluminium tank that’s hidden behind the back seats; additionally, there are camber plates in the rear with 4 degrees of negative camber for that stanced look.




If you are an interior guru like we are, this is where it starts to take off for real. Just by throwing a glance through the open sunroof that’s taken from VW Polo 6N2 you get your mind blown by all the tiniest details that graciously decorate the salon. It’s wood bark, flowers and lianas literally everywhere! If you want to experience the vivid scenes of a jungle forest look no further, Henry’s Vento has it all. The pair of racing seats with FIA homologation and sports steering wheel almost feels surreal considering the pinecone turn signals, coconuts decorating the scene and Cuban money whirling at the back of a coffee bagged trunk. Of course, a build can’t solely excel in one area alone. For that reason, the rusty hooligan has been geared with a blasting sound system from Excursion, including 12” 1000 Watt subwoofer, 2 amplifiers, 6,5” 200 Watt speakers in the front and 6,5” 150 Watt speakers in the back. That’s what’s up!




You could really call it a day at this point and feel great about building a mad interpretation of a rat styled beauty. But if you’ve gone that far already, there is no scruple that you will always be willing to look for yet discovered ways just to prove that impossible is nothing. Some will call it gambling; we call it vision and belief. Thus, you have Henry’s Volkswagen Vento – a car like no other. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did shooting it. KingLife salutes Henry for an amazing outcome of his project and wishes the best of luck in the future. Inspire and get inspired!

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