Chris’s Volkswagen Golf Mk4
Chris’s Volkswagen Golf Mk4
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Chris’s Volkswagen Golf Mk4

Not every ride is a build in full bloom from day one – while some cars have bucks thrown at them at once, others achieve the breeze of elegance through style and truthfulness over a lifetime of relation between the vehicle and its owner. Cars are more than plain objects to some of us, an extension of our own being is what they are. For Chris, his Golf Mk4 from 2000 is no exception.






From its humble beginnings, the Golf has transformed into something very special with each and every generation. Reviewees might call it aloof or sophisticated, however, the Golf Mk4 is a car that has discarded itself from the common and now campaigns as a premium value item. Having that in mind, Chris’s Mk4 has gone through a process of revitalization and now clashes solidly with its 1.9 TDI AHF engine, delighting the spectators with the sun-like brilliance of a yellow.






Seeing the glittering lines of the Mk4 blending with a fading sun is an exceptional sight to witness. Admittedly the high point of the whole display is the setup of 18” BBS RS 710 wheels that has found the perfect placement within the arches by the help of GAS V1 air ride system with VIAIR 380 Compressor and 11.5 litre air tank that Chris installed a while ago. Finished with brushed and polished faces and lips, wheels act rather playfully with the bright exterior. Additionally, some parts of the suspension are taken from R32 version of Golf 4 and the combination of all upgrades have provided a silky smooth ride ever since.






Inside the Mk4, the standard vibe has been done away with entirely. A beautiful set of Recaro leather seats oppose their “comfortable” factory counterparts, and are highlighted by elegant details such as the original trim and the steering wheel taken from Golf 6. Hints of the R-line are found throughout the interior, giving a complete theme to the owner’s vision. Lastly, Chris has equipped his mellow yellow with a blighting sound system from Pioneer and Alpine, including 12” 1200 Watt subwoofer, 2 amplifiers and 4 pieces of 6×9 350 Watt speakers in the front and the back of the car.






Diving in the future, the car is carved with loads of goodies – behind the rims, air suspension and under the hood, where AHF components offer both bark and bite. In fact, a close look reveals there’s little left to change, without a loss in function, presentation or character as a whole. However, Chris’s abilities of constant progress are clearly defined by the appearance of his dope ride, which leaves us wondering what might come next, and you know, there might just be something on the horizon… Inspire and get inspired!

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