Anton’s Volkswagen Golf Mk2
Anton’s Volkswagen Golf Mk2
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Anton’s Volkswagen Golf Mk2

Today we would like to tell you a story about Anton and his never-ending VW Golf Mk2 project. His friends say that Anton has always been passionate about his ride, it’s been a constant motive to get his VAG even lower, wider and crazier. Anton tells us that the single most important thing to remember is that no matter what you do – just be yourself and have fun doing it. You may not be friends with him yet, but we’re here to help you get to know him.





Anton is taking charge over on the eastern seaboard of Jylland, living the low lifestyle that we all know and love. You know… The lifestyle that isn’t just about driving around in a lowered car. The one that’s about the people, the community and the cars… The one we’ve all become a part of.





Anton is one of those guys you’re with every weekend, either wrenchin’ at the garage or having a fun time at a car show on a Saturday afternoon. You know, one of the best guys you could be in the company of. And, in a way, it reflects on his 1988 Golf Mk2 that has been at Anton’s side for a good 4,5 years. It’s been long enough to learn the character of the car, deal with its worst days and appreciate the good ones. Anton feels determined and says that most of the time his Mk2 is as reliable as it gets for a 28-year-old car and, at the same time, the counter of great memories keeps on ticking. And just by looking at the smile on Anton’s face, you know he’ll keep these memories for a lifetime.





We spent a large chunk of the afternoon in downtown Aarhus, where Anton explained he’s motives for making his Golf just the way it is today. “Emotions on wheels” – sums it up pretty well, doesn’t it? The idea was to customise the Mk2 in a way that it matches the stock, but has an impressive twist to it. The swapped 1.6 Turbo-Diesel engine with its 88 Horsepower has had some flashy moments down the road, of whom probably the most remarkable one was the duel against BMW E46 with a much bigger 3.0 litre heart, where Anton managed to keep up with the opponent. All the while, the upgraded suspension took place, that’s where things got really serious. Anton has installed JOM Extreme coilovers with adjustable hardness that allow him to sink his Golf as low as possible. This type of decision comes with a bunch of sacrifices like 3-hour-beaten arches with plastic skirts, floor scratching on a daily basis and strange looks from the people around you. But you know… It all comes down to the fact that you don’t buy dreams, but you build them yourself! That’s how the truly outstanding stories are made.





You don’t make good friendships without a bit of trust, therefore, it was a pleasure to hear about the good times Anton has had with his Mk2. Passing the technical inspection with a stanced-out ride like this one is bonkers, therefore, knowing the right people at the right places doesn’t hurt a bit. It’s always been spontaneous with Anton. He’s always had a different approach towards the looks of his machine. Whether it’s a new set of brightly pink BBS wheels, jaw-dropping roll cage attached to the chassis or playful idea for the paintjob – Anton has never been afraid to experiment and will always believe in being yourself and following your own opinion. That afternoon seemed almost surreal to us, how all of us could find a commonplace in an instant, without meeting each other beforehand. Thats the definition of a community and mutual interests we share.





For some a car is merely metal object that gets them from point A to point B. But true car enthusiasts believe that there’s something more to it, that the cars are an extension of our creativity. Anton is one of those enthusiasts out there, working on his dreams. There are even greater plans coming in the future, but this we leave for another time. KingLife would like to give a shout-out to all the good people involved! We hope you enjoyed the story. Follow us and reveal the dopeness!

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