Andreas’s Volkswagen Rallye Golf
Andreas’s Volkswagen Rallye Golf

Andreas’s Volkswagen Rallye Golf

For the sake of dreaming and dedication, everyone has their own story to hold to, reflect upon and share with others. Andreas is a soul proof that passion for cars knows no limits thereof… His dreams have now materialised into an instant classic – a red 1989 VW Rallye Golf, which for the time being served as a rallye “homologation special” and rolled off the factory conveyer with a G-supercharged version of the 8 valve injected G60 1.8 litre engine and a Syncro four-wheel drive. Only five thousand Rallyes were built, titling them a true rarity and an obese catch for whoever wished to own something extraordinaire. At the moment of purchase the car was nearly perfect, but as the idealist Andreas is, he still got some things improved, including refined paint job, redone wiring, custom 17” Sebring 3-Split wheels and completely hand built exhaust system. The following is a recreation of what Andreas has gone through in order to become a dignified owner of this spectacular machine… An amazing story to remember and share.





The roots of Andreas’s passion for cars goes way back to 2006. Those were the days when he was attending a cooking school in Silkeborg, where many crafts were gathered together into one campus, giving an opportunity of meeting new people and establishing friendships. It was during the time Andreas spent in Silkeborg that he met Morten, a good friend of his who owned a rare beauty – Volkswagen Polo G40 and they would shape the cityscapes in the evenings by cruising through the streets in the stunning ride of Morten’s. Moments surely took pace and it was time to return to Aarhus, where Andreas resumed he’s work in the restaurant, however, it was impossible for him to get the G40 out of his mind. It felt like a sort of a click, an obscure urge that made Andreas to begin his own search for VW’s, especially those with a supercharger and, eventually, he came across something that literally took his breath away – the magnificent Rallye Golf. No doubt, it was love at first sight, but the burden of the time being was that Andreas was still young and his pockets were too thin for a purchase of this kind.





As a compensation for his dream car, Andreas bought VW Polo G40 and for several years it was his daily. The squary Polo was destined to be the very first project for Andreas, as it was equipped with a set of coilovers and widened fenders, however, the lack of experience didn’t allow him to fully finish all the prime intentions. Years went by and the G40 project started to fade away, nonetheless, Andreas became an educated chef and a businessman with a growing affection for cars. For Andreas the time stretch between the purchase of VW Polo G40 and the annual trip to Wörthersee car show in 2013 marks occasional acquisitions of some staggering vehicles that expanded the ample collection, including VW Golf Mk1 in green, VW Jetta Mk1 in silver, another Jetta Mk1 in Mexico beige, as well as US version of VW Corrado G60. Recipe for a great success regarding clean builds was polished with each and every new car that arrived in Andreas’s garage, as he learned and mastered a well-tried pattern of giving his rides a second breath. The process always involved new paint, quality coilovers and specially selected rims. However, it was the trip to Wörthersee that made Andreas nostalgic… Seven years had passed, as he rediscovered his youthful dream in this very car show – a red Rallye Golf in all its majesty. Andreas remembers shouting to his friends: “One day I will own one!” This turned out to be the keystone for what would become a venturous journey across Europe’s finest destinations in a search of this rare piece of machinery.





It was a sudden strike in late 2014, when Andreas began his hunt. As a base for the search he used the two largest car sale websites in Europe – Mobile and Autoscout. Fellow then quickly realized that the thing he craved most will become a rather extensive battle due to the prices going up and him being picky. For a whole year Andreas was patiently waiting for the right Rallye to show up and all of a sudden in September 2015 he found one located in Barcelona, Spain. Even though the price was rather heavy standing at € 19.000, Andreas felt committed, contacted the seller and agreed to pick up the car two weeks later. However, it was a true shocker for Andreas to learn that just days before the actual flight to Barcelona, the seller had sold the Rallye to a guy from UK, simply because Andreas was too slow to show up. Undoubtedly, he felt heartbroken after this loss, yet it gave him a greater lesson to dig even deeper… As a result, Andreas widened his search by sending loads of e-mails and messages to each and every owner in forums, on Instagram and Facebook. It felt quite offensive, but necessary and after a while options started to arise – Rallye Golf in Rome, Italy for € 8.000, with only 130.000 km on the dash, but with a serious need for a paint job and another Rallye in Calabria, the southmost point of Italy for a price of € 16.000. Andreas now had two options lined up in Italy, meaning eight flights in two days… It turned out to be a deep disappointment, as neither of those two cars was worth buying at their respective value, not to mention the no-no’s regarding any negotiations of the price. Well, it was time to go back to Denmark.






Days passed on a low note after the empty trip to Italy, but soon enough Andreas received an offer from a guy living in Germany, only 600 km away from Aarhus. The car had only one major issue – the mileage was fairly high at 220.000 km. That was a huge concern for a perfectionist like Andreas is… As a matter of fact, the entire car line up of his had an exceptionally low mileage, since this aspect most often secures a decent condition of a vehicle. It was a fair coincidence that Andreas had to go to a business trip to Cologne the next month, so he arranged a meeting with the owner. Admittedly, Andreas felt very nervous before arriving to the agreed destination, but all of the anxiety vanished as soon as he laid his eyes upon the beauty. The red Rallye Golf was just unbelievable, the condition was indescribable… It felt as if the machine has just left the factory! While in the garage, Andreas and the owner started to arrange the act of purchase and the date of pick up, however, something was lurking from the deep within the owner, Andreas sensed it at once. It was time to wave goodbye to the owner and the car he had dreamt of for nine years… As soon as Andreas reached his home, a message arrived from the owner stating that he is hereby apologising for the inconvenience, but he is not ready to sell the Rallye after all.





It was a tough blow; the one that made Andreas brake down once again. For the following weeks he kept spamming the poor German guy with no results and it seemed more and more as if he has lost the battle, therefore, not destined to own a red Rallye Golf… However, the following has to serve as a pure proof of the fact that miracles do happen. One day, out of nowhere, Andreas received a text message from the owner that he is planning to purchase a house, therefore asking, if Andreas would be still interested in buying the Rallye Golf. The rest of it is history… Andreas threw his friend into a car and they both set for a 600 km journey to Germany the same day. The papers were signed; the keys were handed over and after nine years of dreaming Andreas had finally become a proud owner of an astonishing red VW Rallye Golf… KingLife would like send a shout out to Andreas for sharing his outstanding story and wish a great success with his further endeavours. Inspire and get inspired!

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