Danes N’ Dubs  2016

Danes N’ Dubs 2016

For a good part of the weekend from 1.-3. July, the cosily quiet Fruerlundparken in Øster Hurup was invaded for the third instalment of the ever expanding Danes N’ Dubs 2K16 car event. One of the largest VAG meetings in the Nordics attracted plentiful of people, who religiously admire the beautiful world of stanced and powerful autos.





As mentioned before, this year’s Danes N’ Dubs gathered the finest vehicles of Volkswagen Group’s automotive world, welcoming cars from particularly popular VAG brands, including Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Seat and Škoda. Scale of the event was massively positive, as the organizers brought out around 1200 people from Denmark, Sweden and Germany, and everyone had a chance to make it onto the show ground and be a part of the whole experience.





The lead up to Danes N’ Dubs was looking bleak, with the region of Hadsund suffering from light winds and slight rain, typical of a Danish summer. This left many of us fearing that the show, been held on a grassy park, would be a wash out. However, the break in the rain came sooner than expected and the sunny weather took over for the rest of the weekend.





Early in the afternoon of the first day, when it was merely the very beginning of the arrival of the crowd, it was already easy to spot that the territory of Fruerlundparken was quickly filling up with some of the highest quality VAG cars that we’ll ever see. The hype was growing lightning fast!





The event itself was absolutely fantastic and the people seemed to truly enjoy themselves. It felt refreshing to be surrounded by so many smiling car enthusiasts on the same vibe as ourselves. It was clear to notice that the standard of cars on display was on a sky-high level all together. Danes N’ Dubs has been one of the major shows in the recent years in Denmark and it’s no bother to say that VAG car owners are in a class of their own when it comes to modifying their machines. From superbly smoothed engine bays and highly polished BBS rims fitting perfectly under the arches, to rat-styled jungle boys covered with the livery of nature and air-riding show-offs that make your jaw drop. It was unlike anything we had seen at a car meet before.





Everywhere you looked there was something to feast your eyes on and something to suit everyone’s individual tastes. The diversity from both new and old generations of iconic cars was definitely one of the main pillars of the show. Moreover, crowd’s excitement was enriched with multiple activities throughout the whole affair, including car wash, parties at the main lodge, informative stands, as well as the “Show and shine” competition.





Overall Danes N’ Dubs 2K16 had well and truly exceeded the expectations and feeling the whole atmosphere gave a hint that everybody was honestly blown away. The amount of people that had made the trip over from different parts of Denmark and Europe is a testament to how much Danes N’ Dubs has grown in such a short time, and we are excited to see how they make next year’s show even bigger and better. KingLife would like to send a shout out to the organizers and thank to all the great people that participated in this year’s Danes N’ Dubs! Don’t forget to check out the full photo gallery of the event. Like, share and follow KingLife!

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