Sneak peek into the Porsche Museum

Sneak peek into the Porsche Museum

If we need to enumerate the most famous and emblematic sports car brands in the world, Porsche will be surely mentioned by everyone on this planet, even the most non-car people would know it. And I’m not exaggerating, their technological knowledge, their fanatic perfectionism and their racing pedigree makes them one of the few legendary car brands in this world.



This spring I was lucky enough to go Stuttgart for a couple of days, and because I love to go to car museums I decided to visit one of the two big museums of this city. (Both Porsche and Mercedes-Benz come from this city) Porsche is bit closer to my heart, therefore I went there first.

The museum is a new architectural masterpiece, and I’m quite happy that they made such a great building, and give us a proper museum experience, not like Volkswagen (sadly) in Wolfsburg, where they threw all their cars into a horribly looking warehouse without any logic.

But let’s go finally inside.


The whole museum is organized in a chronological way, from the early beginnings, until the latest Porsche models what you can buy now in 2017.




Mr. Porsche already in the 1920’s knew that aerodynamics are essential for the modern automobiles, and this was one of his first sketch models. As we can see, all the Porsche models inherit from this very shape made almost a century ago.


His son developed this shape into the first proper sports car, the Porsche 356.



The 356s were one of the best reliable sport car of it’s time, but they got really famous when they started to produce the convertible version, which were made exclusively for the US market. Hollywood star, James Dean also bought one of those, and later he also died in a car crash with that car sadly.



At one point they also produced some tractors, and for a very long time it was the only Porsche model with a Diesel engine.



As we advance in time in the Porsche history, inevitably comes the part when the company started to get involved in car sports. In the 60’s they started to participate in more and more events with some success, until the 70’s when Porsche took over the domination of the legendary Le Mans 24 hours race in front of the Ferrari’s and Ford’s. Many of these cars are the actual winner cars from that year’s Le Mans race.








Of course Porsche went not only Le Mans, they also tried other motorsports as well, like DTM, or rallies.


Most of their successes came from LeMans, but they are also quite proud of their win at 1985 Paris Dakar Rally.




I particularly enjoyed following the evolution of the 911 model, which is quite spectacular.


They also exhibited one character from the famous movie “Cars”.



Then we got some more from their race prototypes from the last 10 years.



As a main attraction in the last section, they placed 5 911 models from the last 20 years on some rotating platforms, just so we can enjoy these great cars. (And also to cry why we don’t own any)






And from this point on we could see the latest, and newest, top of food-chain Porsches, which is also the final section of the museum. 




I hope you all enjoyed this post, and see you next time!







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