Oslo Motorshow 2016

Oslo Motorshow 2016

From the 28th to the 30th October 2016 the Oslo Motorshow took place in Lilleström, which is 25 kilometer away from the norwegian capital city Oslo. The modern halls of the „Norges Varemesse“ offered an excellent stage for various vehicles. So, for example, the tuning cars of scandinavia, mainly of the swedish brand Volvo, were brightly mixed by typical northern vehicles, like snowy-mobiles and also a separate hall for trucks with luxuriously cabins and modified lighting systems, racing cars and motobikes. The show was for friends of the most different epochs, brands, styles, from oldtimer to show cars, US-cars and racing cars (touring cars, monoposto, rallye, quarter mile, drift).




Beside cars from scandinavia, also cars from „southern“ europe (Germany, Austria, the Netherlands) found the way to the north. The germans of the W-Familia crew showed their „jungle-Vento“ first time in norway. The journey was already a highlight. At first, there was a 570 kilometer trip at the motorway on the own wheels without a trailer from Dresden to Kiel. In addition there was a 20 hour ferry trip with the modern Color-Line ferry, which is called „Color Magic“. It contains a swimming area and shopping mile like a cruise ship.



On thursday morning before the event begun, the norwegian scenery appeared and provided already for breathtaking pictures far away of engine noises and automobile discussions and was a first experience in the far North.




After a great journey with various tunnels to Lilleström and a welcome trophy, the exhibition cars went into the halls. A big surprise for the far arrived ratdriver-guests from Denmark, Sweden and Germany was the separated area, decorated by the swedish organizer Daniel Lindstedt, who also organizes the swedish Bilsport Performance and Custom Show. It was a fabulously wood styled and mexican decoration with a garage / house for rat drivers only and old barrels, road signs, rims and more stuff, too.





Three days of the event offered a diverse programme and a whole host of things to do for the 40.000 vistiors at the show 2016. There was a voting of the visitors choice award, drift and racing shows on the outside area, child programme with a separate karting track, racing simulators and test tracks for small RC cars.




But not only the event was organized very well, also the relaxed shuttle service by busses to the halls and in the evening back to the hotel in the city center of Oslo. In the evenings, the capital city with 700.000 inhabitants was ready for some sightseeing and touristic explores with the norwegian friends to the Holmenkollen, the skijumping area and the castle of Oslo.




On sunday afternoon, the trophies were waiting for the best cars and stunning exhibits of the show with the best engines, paint jobs, trucks, cars and bikes. Sunday evening was the last one for the W-Familia guys in norway. The ferry back to germany drove on monday. The „jungle-Vento“ was safe back home on tuesday evening after the second 570 kilometer trip back to eastern germany. It was a great experience to took part, saw the scandinavian styles of tuning and one of the biggest motorshows in the european north.





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