FittedUK 2017

FittedUK 2017

On 30th july 2017 Manchester Event City´s doors opened to the great event FittedUK showing cars from all over europe for the 4th time. The last years before, it was only a german car show, but this years event, a variety of non-german cars were able to take part. The big halls were packed with all kinds of modified cars, from supercars like Lamborghini and Maserati to Minis, BMWs, Mercedes and some special cars with wide body, rat style, completely cleaned engine bays, lowriders, racing cars and more. Bringing so many styles under one roof and at a little outdoor area as well is what FittedUK makes a very special event.

The quality of cars were in high standard, also of the overseas cars. Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Russia and Ireland are some of the countries cars were showed on the display. It was difficult to look first because there were such a lot of high quality cars. The fact that this show attracts car owners from these sort of distances really shows how stunning the show is and how much FittedUK catches people’s interest and attention. 

After an 12 hours trip by ferry from Rotterdum to Hull, we came over with our rat-styled jungle-themed Vento from Germany and represented the crew of W-Familia at this show in northern england. In the past, we know some amazing shows in the UK like Ultimate Dubs and Edition38 and everytime it is a great exerience to be there. Additionally getting the chance to take part at FittedUK was a honour for us and a highlight in the 2017 calendar. The organizer Alex Nowakowski and his FittedUK-team had picked up the best mix of cars after an application process and the result was impressive and admirable.

The show opened only on sunday for public from 10am to 4pm, so for only 6 hours. Trophies were designed like license plates with „FittedUK“ as stamping. They were given to the best 25 german and the best 10 non-german cars. The best of show trophy was a handsome drawing of a wheel. International known clubs and traders like SlammedUK, ILOVEBASS and Auto Finesse were also present and sold stuff and cleaning products to the visitors.

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