Grey E36 (updated: 15/12/17 )

Grey E36 (updated: 15/12/17 )



Just a small article about my Grey E36.

It’s a BMW E36. Year 1995 with swap’d M42b18 and chip tuned  from 138 to 150+/- hp and redline from 6.4k to 7k .

I do have some future plans on it, but now its not the right time for that.

I will update this article in time but for now i present you my short video clip from first ”winter” in Aarhus.

16/02/2017 UPDATE :

I’ve made another video, this time with ” BLACK ZHURKA ” and ” BMW e30 M50B28 Stroker ” . You can read more about them by clicking on they’r names.


20/04/2017 UPDATE :

My summer rims , BMW style-32


I have made some new videos, first one was meant for Instagram and second one was made for car sound enthusiasts. In second video i was experimenting with different mic setups. One part was filmed with build in mic on iPhone 6s other by using external microphone.

Instagram video –

And second one was with pure sound, maybe some one will like it –


22/06/2017 UPDATE :

Made a small video about Dyno run in KOED

my little 1.8is has 140Hp and 165Nm




HELLOOOOO !!! After 6 month of inactivity i decided to update. I have made some visual updates so i will ad some pictures and few videos.

I added M style front and rear bumpers and made a new costume exhaust.


First one was a test of a new 4.44 welded diff, that could drift anywhere anytime.

Second one was a sound test for new exhaust.

And a final one, i made just for mood.

Aaaaand , thats it 😀 see you soon. ///

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