Waddup, guys! Decided to post a small article about my BMW E36. I will keep updating the info, as soon as I have something new to share. Hope you enjoy!

So this is my E36 that I bought about 10 months ago. It rolled out of the factory in 1996 with this beautiful¬†COSMOSSCHWARZ METALLIC chassis that carries an M50B25TU engine. I have done a few mods to it over the time, including suspension upgrade to coilovers, poly bushings all over, front lower control arms from an E46 and inner tie-rods from E90 models, to have a wider track and a slight camber in the front, also a limited-slip differential (tried a welded one as well, but I rather prefer the LSD), OMP sports steering wheel, short shifter, RAMAIR intake filter and a custom made heat shield (can’t be seen in the picture with the engine bay, because it was not installed back then), I also installed a brand new aftermarket muffler just couple of days ago. I’ve got 17″ BMW style 24 replicas with winter tyres and I also have 16″ steelies for the summer time, which I might repaint to a different colour at some point. Other than that, there’s no rush and clear plans for the future, just trying to enjoy the ride today and take one step at a time!

Here are some pics of my zhurka:




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